Sunday, 5 June 2016

7 Ways On How To Solve Blinking Office Light Problem

Are you in Singapore and you work in an office where you are facing a lot of electrical problems? Well, worry no more as there is finally a way out of this. Generally, there is a lot of office problems associated with electricity and the main one is the blinking light problem. This problem is brought about by so many aspects ranging from the design of the electrical system to the age of the different electrical components. Here we are going to give you ways in which you can solve this problem and below, is a list of 7 ways on how to solve blinking office light problem.

1.ensure that there is no loose connection
One of the major ways in which the blinking office light problem occurs is loose connections. When there is a loose connection along the line, the load will cause the connection to connect and disconnect sequentially hence, causing the bulb to go on and off. This problem can be solved by ensuring that all the connections are done in the right way and that there is no loose connection.

2.Make sure that the old and worn out electrical components are replaced
Replacing the old and worn out parts is another good solution to this problem. This is because in most cases, as the components get old, the connection begins to get loose hence causing problems as a result of loose connection. Ensuring that the life span of all the components relating to any office lighting connection is within that specified by the manufacturer is one of the ways of solving this problem.

3.Ensure that there is a steady source of power
Another cause of this problem is a fluctuating source of power. For example if they are using a generator to power the office, ensure that the power generation from that generator is steady and that the frequency is well synchronized with all the electrical gadgets being used.

4.Replace the defective bulbs and tubes
In rare cases, blinking office light problem is brought about by defective lighting components like the tubes or bulbs. Troubleshooting and deducing that this is where the problem arises from, replacing the affected ones with new and strong ones will solve this problem. You can do this yourself or hire a professional to do it but it depends on the level of damage and design of the office wiring.

5.Ensure that there is no other heavy electrical appliance connected to the same phase as the office lighting system
Heavy appliances like welding machines cause the electricity flow to fluctuate hence causing blinking effect. One of the best ways of solving this problem is by avoiding a direct connection of a heavy appliance in the same phase with the office lighting system. If this must happen, there are some ways in which the connection can be done in order to avoid this problem. One of this ways is by using the electrical gadgets like capacitors which provide a smooth flow of electricity thus preventing the lights from blinking.

6.Use electrical bulbs which are designed to work at the same frequency levels as the electricity source
Each country has its own frequency level like in Singapore, the mains electricity is produced at around 60 hertz of frequency. In order to ensure a smooth operation, using bulbs which are rated to operate at the same frequency level as that of electricity supply is a good thing to do. On the other hand, using lighting components whose frequency parameters are either high or lower than that of the min source will cause the blinking problem since the frequencies are not synchronized. This is a very simple way of solving this problem but it is very rampant since not all the people using the lighting systems knows about this and end up just buying any bulb so long as they are required to do so and at the end of the day, they will face a lot problems .

7.Use functional starters in the case of fluorescent tubes
Mostly, fluorescent tubes need the use of a starter while starting them. Like any other electrical component, starters get worn out and start malfunctioning and one of the symptoms is blinking of the lights. A starter is a very important component as far as office lighting is concerned and for this reason, a good quality of them must be used. Getting a good quality starter can be tricky if one is not careful and patient enough.

There are some of the most amazing techniques one can apply while looking for barely anything in the field of electrical in order to get the best in terms of quality and price. Comparing several brands before choosing one is among the best techniques to use in order to get a gadget which is of high quality and which will definitely work as required. This is because the art of comparison will equip one with all he need while making a decision on which one to buy.

Reading reviews of other users is another technique to use while looking for these gadgets. This is because reviews are some of the most sincere comments from either experts or users. Using online methods while reading reviews is an assurance that you will get the best reviews as most of the users and experts use this method to post their reviews and comments on different categories of products. Also, online methods are proofed to be among the cheapest methods to use while looking for information relating to barely anything. This is because all the information needed is just a mouse click away and that they are found without necessarily traveling from one premise to the other. Also there are so many users in this platform and because of this reason, the prices of services are reduced in order to beat the ever rising competition amongst the various such service providers.

In order to ensure that your office is one of the most conducive places to work ,ensure that all the lighting systems are well fitted and that there is no office light blinking problem by rectifying the course and by so doing, everyone will be happy to work in that office hence improving the productivity.