Thursday, 19 May 2016

The Dangers Of DIY Electrical Installation

Doing the electrical installation in your home by yourself can always be a tempting task for so many people. May be you are diy person and you might have done a lot of similar works as well. But as far as diy electrical installation work is concerned you should not do that in any condition. Doing that work can lead you to so many complication and it can have a number of dangers also associated with. Here, I am going to share some of the dangers of diy electrical installation work and I hope it will help you make your mind wisely for same to have and optimum result.

Incorrect size wire and cables: In electrical installation, the gauge of wire or electrical cable is very important. If you do not get the right size, then it can either draw a lot of power or it can get melted due to over load. In either of the situation your home will remain at a huge risk. When you do the electrical installation work with DIY method, then you leave your home in this situation. If you will choose an experienced electrician for this work, then he will be able to get right kind of wires and that will do the trick easily.

Incorrect outlet and switches selection: In order to keep your electrical installation safe, it is extremely important that you choose right size of electrical switches and outlet. If you fail to choose right size of electrical switches with your outlet or board, then fitting will remain loose and that will be a big security risk as well. Wires may come out from it and that can hurt people with it. Also, it may cause overheating and similar other issues as well and that will also be a big risk for security in your home.

Fault in your electrical box connection: When you install an electrical box, then it give your protection from all the external elements. If installed properly it can do its job in pretty decent, manner, but if that electrical installation is done in a wrong way, then things could just take a reverse turn. In your diy electrical installation work, you may actally make the connection in a wrong way and that will hurt you badly. Also, you may never know when your electrical box is getting overloaded. At the other hand, if you will hire a trained electrician, then he can check all these things and he can make sure you get all the connections right.

Wrong fuse selection: If we talk about the fires caused by electrical system, mainly it occur because people chose a wrong fuse wire. They replaced the fuse wire with a heavy gauge wire. As a result of that circuit never tripped and wires kept on heating. If you are not an expert, then you may never know the right gauge of fuse wire for any particular load. Many time when you do diy electrical installation, then you might make this mistake as well and that can cause serious troubles as well. So that is one more good reason because of which you should stay away from doing this work by yourself.

Fuse connections: In your fuse box, all the connections should be tight and firm. It should not have any kind of loose ends in it and if you are replacing it, then it should have proper replacement as well. If connections are not properly tight, then you may have flicker in your light and it can also cause a short circuit. In some situation circuit may heat and it can cause fire. This is one more issue that appear because of DIY electrical installation work. You may not know how to do this work unless you have proper training and good amount of experience. Needless to say, I can ask you not to do the electrical installation work by yourself quoting this as one more reason for that.

Wattage of connections: Many time when people do the electrical installation work, then they check all the other factors but they ignore the wattage or load on that cable. If they ignore this then it cause very circuit tripping issues. If you will use a bigger mcb, then it will never beak and it may affect the health of your electrical equipment’s. And if you will use a lower capacity mcb, then it may keep tripping and that can disturb you as well. If you will hire an electrician for this work instead of diy, you will be able to have good outcome as well without worrying about any kind of damage.

Over use of electricity: The biggest drawback of diy electrical insulation work is that you never know how to save electricity. You can use a lot of cables, that will consume more electricity even if you are not running a lot of appliances. Also, you may do the installation in a wrong way and that will also cause you consumption of more electricity. If you will hire an expert to do this work, then you will not have to worry about these issues and you will be able to have good outcome as well without worrying much about these factors.

Other than this, when you diy, then you always remain exposed with the accidents. Expert electricians get all kind of safety equipment’s for the electrical installation work and they know how to use it. At the other hand, you may not have any of these equipment’s and that is why you may not get any good result as well. Apart from this, you may also need to buy tools, equipment’s and other thing for this work. All those things will charge money for you and if you will check the overall cost of your diy electrical installation work, then you may end up spending more money for same. So, cost saving is one more factor because of which you should hire an expert electrician instead of doing this work by yourself.