Friday, 18 March 2016

Some tips about Electrical Safety at Work and Home

Electricity is the best friend of human being and we can’t think about our life without electricity. But if you don’t use it properly at your work or at your home, then it can give so many complications to you and sometime you can lose your life as well due to its improper use. That is why it is important that you follow all the electrical safety tips and suggestion at your home and work for its better utilization. If you are well aware about these tips and electrical safety guidelines that you should follow at your home and work, then tis great, but if that is not the case, then I am sharing some of the details that can help you in this requirement with really great ease.

Use MCB:
This is the most important electrical safety tip that you should follow at your home and work both. MCB or circuit breakers help you get better electricity supply in your premises and in case of any accident or other issue, it cut down the power for you automatically. That means if something goes wrong in your electrical system, then your MCB can detect that damage and it will cut the power before damage goes to next level. Other than this, if a person get electric shock in your home or work, then MCB can be the best electrical safety for you. It will instantly cut the power in that circuit and that person will get away with a minor shock instead of major accident.

Don’t play with electricity:
Playing with electricity is the biggest blunder that a person can do. If you are assuming that you can play with electrical supply or appliances without having any damage with it, then you are making a wrong assumption for that. Electricity is no one’s friend and if you will handle without following proper security measures, then you are going to pay for it. So, it is extremely important that you use all kind of safety tool or gears while doing any kind of electricity work. Also, you should ideally turn of the main electric supply before doing any changes in your electric work. That will keep you away from any kind of possible troubles or accident that you may have due to this issue.

Use best material:
Use of non trustworthy material is another big mistake that can lead you to serious problem with electricity work. If you will use some wires, switches or other electronic material that are not well tested and approved from authorities for electrical safety, then you will be making a big mistake from your side. To avoid this issue, you should always trust on a reputable brand that is known to provide the best quality material to all of its customer. This assurance will make sure you get the best electrical appliances and products at your home or work and you don’t get any electrical safety complication in it.

Replace damaged switches:
For better electrical safety in your home and at your work place, it is strongly recommended that you replace all the damaged switches and sockets without any delay. This is one of the biggest electrical safety mistake done by many people around the world. When they notice a minor defect then they assume it will work and they try to find some work around to use that damaged switch or socket. And sometime that ignorance leads them to a dipterous situation. That is why, you should take your decision for this subject in a wise manner and you should replace damaged electrical switches as soon as possible.

Don’t use faulty appliances:
If you are using any kind of faulty appliances in your home or work place, then that is a big mistake and that is not good for electrical safety. To avoid this issue, it is strongly recommended that you use only those appliances that are in properly working condition. If you notice any kind of damage in your electrical appliances, then either get it repaired or replace it without any delay. These basic things are very important and you will not make these changes, then you can have a lot of issues. So, make sure, you keep this thing also in your mind for better electrical safety.

Choose a good electrician:
In Singapore, you shall find only accredited and licenses electricians for any kind of electrical work. A licensed and experienced electrician will know about the electrical safety tips that he need to follow at your home or work place. If you fail to choose a good electrician, then things might not go into your favour. Ideally, you will not have any trouble finding a good electrician in Singapore, because many good agencies are there that can help you in this particular requirement. So, make sure, you follow this rule as well to avoid any trouble and to have the best result in easy manner.

Don’t pull the cables:
Many people have a bad habit of pulling the cables from their power socket. This could be a major risk for you in terms of electrical safety thing. If you will do this on regular manner, then it can break your electrical power socket and cables both. That can cause serious issues in your appliances and sometime it can cause for a short circuit as well. So, if you don’t want to take any of these risks, then it is a wise idea not to make this mistake in any condition.

Do not use extension:
Use of extension seem like an easy task for people and that is why they love to use extension without thinking its effect on the electrical safety thing. If you will use this in your home of work place, then it will make the place vulnerable for short circuit. Using extensions, you can add unwanted extra load on any particular circuit and that could cause a short circuit or other similar issues. So, make sure you avoid this mistake as well to have better result in easy manner.