Monday, 11 January 2016

How To Plan Office Electrical Wall Plug Socket

One common factor that is overlooked when designing an office is the wall socket planning. Some people focus more on other areas around the office, like the furniture, but they ignore the wall sockets layout. The wall sockets are one of the most vital features in the office. A well-established office will have electronics and other equipment that are powered by electricity. Unless there is electricity in the office, such equipment might not function. Electricity is accessed via the wall sockets. For that, they are critical in the office, and you must keep that in mind when you are designing the office. So how do you plan for the electrical wall socket in your office?

Understand the rules and code restrictions of the electricity

Before you start planning for the plug socket, you will need to learn about the prerequisites and codes that have been defined by the Electricity Board in Singapore. Learning the rules helps to educate you on how to plan for the plug socket in your office. These rules will mostly focus on the minimum requirements for the placement of the socket outlet. You should learn about the minimum or maximum number of socket outlets that should be placed in one room.

Assess the room before you plan for the socket outlets

When you clearly understand what is required for every socket in the room, you will now need to assess the room for how you will use the electricity. Make a detailed assessment around the room and relate to how you are going to use the rooms in the office. The crucial aspect here is convenience. For that, you must ensure that each socket is placed conveniently and that you can have access whenever.

Using extensions can help to create room for more equipment and devices to use. Nonetheless, they can also lead to accidents, especially when codes are crossing over the floor. To reduce such cases, it is advised to place the plug sockets near to the point of use.

Things to keep in mind

Once you comprehend the electrical codes and restrictions, and you are aware of how you would use the electricity in the office, you will now be ready to plan for the socket outlet layout. Nonetheless, before that, here are some factors to consider;

• The layout of the furniture

The office will most definitely be furnished, so you will need to keep in mind the layout of the furniture that you will include in the office. Suppose you plan to have a centralized sitting area as the waiting area, you will keep in mind if there will be the need of having a water dispenser at that point. Suppose there will be lockers that stand against the wall, there must be some space for the socket outlets. Do not block the vital plug sockets when you are placing the lockers against the wall.

• What about the lighting sources?

Another factor to keep in mind is the location of the lighting sources of your office. A professional office must have plenty of lights, whether artificial or natural. Will there be lamps near the tables or you have a floor lamp in your office? Most of the table lamps and floor lamps will use a plug socket, so ensure that you plan accordingly. Ideally, do not place an extension to be used with the table or floor lamp. To enhance the elegance of the place, you will need to place the table or floor lamp directly to the socket outlet.

• How many electronics will be used in the office?

Other than the lightings, you must consider the total number of electronics that you will be using in the office. This will range from the computer or laptop, the printer, scanner, router, photocopying machine, or any other equipment. When you have the total number of equipment you would be using, and you will need to decide on the number of sockets you can have in the office. It doesn’t mean that every electronic must have its socket outlet. You can also use extension sockets to enhance the accessibility.

• Will there be a TV in the waiting area?

Most of the offices that have a waiting area will go for the wall-mounted TVs. These TVs tend to be more reliable since they cover more audiences. Also, they will save up more space, and there will be no any chance of falling over or any other theft case. If there will be a wall-mounted TV, you will need to place the socket higher, or where you will be placing the TV. Do not place the socket too low to make it inaccessible.

• Will you need to decorate the office for the holidays?

As you intend to place the plug sockets in your office, you will need to keep in mind if you will need to decorate it for the festive season. Christmas is approaching, and you might need to decorate your office for it. Even though it is a once-per-year event, you will still need to consider the electrical outlet planning for that purpose. You can have plug sockets near stairways, along the hallway, or near the exit point. There are also other special outdoor sockets that can play a huge role in this. As you are placing the socket outlets, ensure that they can easily be accessed when installing the lightings.

Caution When Planning For The Socket Outlets

As you are planning to place the socket outlets in your office, you will need to keep some safety tips in mind. First off, ensure that the socket is not placed too low near the floor. Water can spill and get in the socket when someone is cleaning the office. This can lead to some serious electrical shocks. For that, make sure that you place them some inches away from the floor. Also, avoid placing the sockets near to the windows. Here, it can be raining heavily, and if the window is left open, it can lead to some explosions or electrical shocks. The best way to ensure that you do the perfect planning for your socket outlets in your office is to contact a professional company.