Thursday, 17 December 2015

How To Handle Power Failure Situation

There are many reasons for power outages to occur. They can be on going for a long or short period of time and they can also happen whether you are at home or not. We are very dependent on electricity so it can be difficult when this happens. Our appliances, heating and air systems, computers and so much more, are all ran and rely from it. However, there are practical ways to take in order for you to reduce the difficulties that it brings and properly cope every single time this situation occurs.

Be Prepared

Just like the Girls’ and Boys’ Scouts, it is a very good motto in handling power outages. Below are just some of the steps that you have to take prior to a power failure.

* Always keep a properly- working battery-operated radio. In an occurrence of a blackout, you have to know the happenings outside. This is a very good source of news and still be in the comforts of your humble abode as apparently you cannot turn on the television.

* Know what stations that broadcast all day long and are reliable on giving information during outages.

* Keep a certain amount of non-perishable goods and store bottled water. A general rule-of-thumb is to store water and food that is enough for three whole days. Not just for you but for the whole household. If by chance you live in an area that is prone to disasters, like earthquakes, hurricanes and
such, you might have to plan longer. Also don't ever forget your pets’ food and water.

* Accumulate extra bedding and clothing for all types of weather.

* For every room or office, keep a flashlight on hand. Check periodically if it needs replacement batteries or better yet, keep extra batteries just to be sure. You can also use candles just as long as one is extra careful in lighting and using them. There are a lot of battery-operated candles in the market today and most of them are remote controlled. This makes it easier in providing some sort of lighting.

* Store an appropriate number of batteries suitable for the devices that you're going to use such as the battery candles, radio and flashlights.

* For your cell phones, invest on a charger that’s battery-operated to keep it charged. You have to keep it working even in a power outage as it could also be a good source of information.

* Make sure you plan activities particularly for the kids to make the situation a least bit tolerable. In the world we live in today, it can be stressful when electronics are unavailable not just for adults but for the young children as well.

* If the area you live in experiences frequent power outages, you may want to consider purchasing even a small generator. Also learn how to use it prior an outage happens and have it professionally checked periodically.

Take Stock when a Power Failure Happens

As soon as there is power outage, it is essential that you do not panic, have a clear head in order for you to think straight and immediately take action!

* Determine what caused the power outage as soon as it occurs. Use your battery-operated radio or whatever means that’s available. It can make a big difference in your planning. Take note that local property management companies couldn't and doesn't control utility power outages.

* Determine the whereabouts of everyone that resides in your own household and know whether they are safe.

* Check gas tubes. Determine if there is a danger from gas leakage. Once you get a whiff of gas, leave your house immediately and contact an emergency service while also keeping all your household members away from possibly dangerous power lines.

* Thoroughly check the outside of your house for downed power lines. Once you spot them, avoid them completely and do the best that you can in contacting an emergency service.

* Turn off all your appliances immediately so that as soon as the power gets back and if it does so suddenly, you wont be experiencing power surges or damage. Just leave a small lamp on for an indication that the power returned.

* Keep all your windows and doors locked. You wouldn't want any unwanted intruders in your house. But if you need ventilation, open certain ones that are the closest to you.

* Keep your refrigerator closed and only open them when it is necessary. Cold foods can be kept inside the fridge for four hours minimum but if you open it seldom it could last up to two days, provided that it is full, without electricity.

* If the power failure occurred while you were out of the house, check and ensure that your stored food is safe. The freezer might now contain melted ice, thawed food and excessive frost.

* Use only a bottled water when you’re thirsty as there might be contamination during a certain type of emergency.

* If you took my advice and bought a generator, make sure you follow every single direction that is stated in the manual. There is a danger of adding carbon monoxide in your residence and it could lead to poisoning. Generators are best used and stored outside of your house.

* Limit everyone’s cell phone activity in order to prolong its usage during an outage as long as it’s still up and running. You can use them to call emergency hot-lines.

* As soon as the power failure is over, notify immediately the property management company you belong to if you had experienced a repair problem.

* Reset electric clocks, recorders and alarm clocks if needed.

By being prepared and taking the steps that are stated above, you will be able to get through the difficulties that power outages bring about. Use your common sense and it would be easy for you to cope up with a power failure. This can make a lot of difference in keeping you and your family safe. Just remember to stay calm and that the electricity will be back as soon as possible. Your suppliers for electricity are working very hard and around the clock to quickly restore your service.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Is It Wise To Do Your Own Electrical Repair Work?

 In today's world of extensive use of the internet, Do-It-Yourself books, tutorials, videos and website are at the palm of our hands. This has generated a significant level of confidence among internet users that they can do almost everything by keenly following the guidelines provided in DIY materials. Well, some DIY methods of tackling common household problems are safe and can be considered efficient and more economical than calling a professional. However, other tasks require professional skills and experience. Electrical repairs fall in this category and require strict observance of safety rules.

Safety and accuracy are the two key aspects of electrical repair work. Electrical problems are situations that any one can face at any time. When you are in that situation, it is important to consider the two aspects before deciding on whether to grab your tools or call a professional electrician. Ask yourself the following questions: Do I have the required skills and tools to safely carry out the repair? If not, can I get them easily? Will I carry out the repairs thoroughly and comprehensively just as a qualified electrician would do?

If you are confident and comfortable with a 'yes' answer to the above questions, go ahead and do it.

Remember to follow the strict safety guidelines below:

- Make sure you fully understand your current electrical system: its limitations and potential hazards
- Turn off the power at the main switch
- Test wires before you start working on them to be sure that power has been turned off
- Do not touch gas and plumbing pipes when doing the electrical repairs
- Ensure that the floor is completely dry; never stand on damp floor
- Unplug any appliance before working on it

Even with such high level of confidence in Do-It-Yourself electrical repair work, there is a still a high probability that you will make the following common mistakes:

1. Replacing a fuse:
You may realise that a fuse continues to blow each time you replace it. You even think that replacing it with a larger fuse will solve the problem. However, this is a very costly mistake. How? The larger fuse can cause the wire to overheat and consequently cause a fire. The main cause of the fuse blowing is not the fuse itself, but a problem with the circuit wiring. You must have detailed knowledge to successfully complete any electrical repair.

2. Not understanding the age of the property:
Older property usually have ground wires at outlet locations and switches. While doing a repair, you may use a grounded outlet receptacle to replace an outdated two prong outlet. You cover the plate and think you are safe. This is not right. If a short circuit occurs the plate could get energized and cause deadly consequences.

3. Using the wrong size of wire:
Electrical wire is available in varying gauges and thickness. Using a wire of the wrong size can cause damage to your property. For example a wrong sized wire in the circuit can cause it to overheat and before the circuit breaker gets a chance to indicate that something is wrong, the wire has stopped working. The circuit breaker is then unable to protect other components of the circuit and the whole system gets damaged so badly that you spend a lot of money fixing the problem.

The danger of making electrical mistakes stretches further in the fact that electricity is invisible. You might finish your repair work and think that everything is alright not knowing that a mistake you did somewhere in the circuit is smoldering a fire.

As we have seen, doing electrical repair work yourself to save money and time may more often than not lead to even more damage apart from risking loss of lives and property. It is therefore safer to hire a qualified electrician, who has undergone the relevant training and gained experience in safely handling electrical problems. When you hire such a professional you are sure of the following four things:

1. Safety

This is the first and most important concern when dealing with electricity. How many seconds does it take for someone to die when electrocuted? Doing electrical repairs by yourself could result in such and other accident like fires. Qualified electricians understand the necessary steps to take and tests to do before handling electrical wiring for they have to ensure their safety first. This is what they do everyday, unlike any other person who may not be 100% sure of the necessary steps. They also come with the required tools and protective gear. A professional electrician will ensure that the repairs he does in your electrical system will not cause any fire.

2. Respect for law

The Singapore government through municipalities requires property owners to contract reputable electrical work companies when building their property. There are building codes that every property owner must abide to before being given a building permit. In addition, it is a legal requirement that every electrical work, may it be installation, repair or maintenance be carried out by a licensed professional. Failure to follow such regulation could cause a home owner to be fined or imprisoned, especially if the electrical system caused injuries and damages to other people.

3. Saving on cost

When you hire a highly qualified electrician, the electric problems are comprehensively solved and you need not hire another technician to fix subsequent problems. Though reputable electricians may charge a higher fee for their services to compensate for the inherent risks they take, they do quality work. Spending less money to hire an unqualified person will only cause you to spend even more money on hiring the right electrician for the job as the unqualified one provides substandard repair services and advice you to buy the wrong material. It is even more costly as faults caused by an unqualified person can lead to damage of property which would cause you to spend a lot of money on the property.

4. Insurance

Since qualified electricians are licensed, they are supposed to pay insurance premiums. This insurance is very important because the home owner is not held responsible in case there is an accident or some tools get lost. The insurance covers the electricians when they are in their line of duty. That is another reason why licensed electricians charge higher service fees.

In conclusion, it is critical for home owners to be able to distinguish between electrical repairs that they are qualified to undertake and those that require the skills of a professional electrician. For the purpose of safety, it is wiser to hire a professional electrician to handle all electrical repair work.

Friday, 23 October 2015

11 Clever Fixes For Common Office Electrical Problem

Managing Electrical Problems at Home

We use power for anything in the house. These days, most people cannot live without energy. This is why it helps to know a little about how to identify electric issues.

When the power in your house does not perform properly in aspect or as a whole, the energy failure may be due to several issues. The first thing to do is to discover out the level of the failure. If you see initiates, fragrance something burning (especially if it odors like rubber) or discover proof of electric shorting like blackened areas and dissolved insulators, closed off the product, detach the power that provides that part of your house and get in touch with an electrical engineer. Do not try to do your own electric fix unless you are qualified and achieved at this and you have enough information about electric perform.

Here are some typical electric issues you can encounter in your own home:

Plugged-in system is not operating - There are three possible causes for this and you can analyze for them easily. First, is your system converted on? There are many circumstances that the user basically does not remember to change something on. Second, your system may not be operating. Try connecting it into a store that you know performs. If the product still does not perform, then there is something incorrect with it. If it performs on that second store, then the issue is the third possibility-the first store may be defective in itself or there is no energy going into that store.

No energy in one aspect or the whole house - This may not be apparent right away. To discover if this is the situation, try other devices in that aspect of the house, like the illumination. Create sure that you study the entire house to determine the level of the failure. Once you've found out which parts are affected, examine the routine buster. Some triggered breakers are prepared with caution illumination or an indication to learn effectively for you. If it has not been triggered, there may have been an excess. In such a situation, convert off the involved change and get in touch with for help.

If the energy failure is for the whole house, get in touch with your others who live nearby and ask if they too have no energy. In such cases, it may be a planned energy disruption from your provider or there may be some issues in the electric lines you are part of. It is best to get in touch with your electric company and let them cope with the issue.

Power turns down when you connect and try to use a new system - This is a traditional excess situation. Simply remove the new system when this happens. If the energy does not come back on, the routine had been triggered, so you better examine the routine box. Switch off the energy to that aspect of the house and then get in touch with for help.

On the whole, when you encounter a issue, notice first yourself. Do not go thoughtlessly and take what others have said or by the language they used to explain the situation. Some problems happen only once and then are gone. Some things you have thought to be deceased may actually still be operating. At the end of the day, power is not something you can cope with without training, so you are best by calling someone with adequate information on the issue, like an experienced.

Making the Right Demand Electrical Problems

Common Electrical Problems
Living in a urban hub delivers with it a reasonable proportion of electric issues for the property owners. The increasing inhabitants in these locations means that the stress on the town's energy is huge. This can cause significant electric issues in houses. The best option is to get in touch with a certified electrical engineer to come in and identify the issue.

Why get in touch with a certified electrician
When experiencing electric issues, most property owners are in the horns of situation in determining whose services to acquire. This is because the town thrives with Do-It-Yourself lovers, who cause as expert handymen and who seem almost too eager to put their overrated DIY intuition and abilities to the analyze.

It is another issue that, compared with an experienced electrical engineer, they can attempt to fix only the easiest of electric issues which are better designed for their restricted skills-set.

There are many do-it-yourself lovers who usually do not know what they are trying to achieve and are similar to a fluff in a chinese suppliers shop. Where certified electrical engineers get the job done in the most expert manner, beginners routine through electric wires, sort claws in all the incorrect locations, connect the incorrect wires etc.

Other than the apparent risk that teasing with electric techniques presents to lifestyle, committed do-it-yourself projects may also cause an excess when least predicted which outcomes in a fire.

Furthermore, most of these lovers and handymen would offer to do any characteristics or range of electric job with some of them even appearing as certified electrical engineers to increase their business leads. But because they lack both the abilities and information, both of which are a necessary requirement for fixing electric issues, significant issues that are beyond their potential only end up more intense.

Additionally, beginner electrical engineer knows little about standard relationships and is therefore likely to set up reduce relationships in your electric cabling. These reduce relationships in electric techniques can be precursors to arc mistakes and electric shoots as they cause electric joint parts to get too hot which outcomes in short tour.

In the most severe, reduce relationships can confirm disastrous, not only causing equipment damage but also resulting in accidents and deaths.

You have to substitute your illumination far too often: - If you encounter a higher burnout rate for illumination, then there is a certain issue with the electric cabling in your house, or you are using the incorrect electricity mild bulb in the store.

Check the mild bulb ranking and use the right electricity mild bulb in the store to discover the solution to the issue. With the power converted off, modify the get in touch with in the light store for making better get in touch with with the mild bulb. If you still encounter issues with your illumination, you should seek advice from an expert electrical engineer.

The ongoing playful of illumination and unexpected switching on and off of recessed illumination indicates that there is a issue with the electric routine. An electrical engineer in The atlanta area can help you fix this issue.

Final Decision

Although it is a little bit less expensive to seek the services of an duplicate electrical engineer, you may be relationship a higher degree of risk just allowing an unskilled beginner electrical engineer mess with your electric cabling. A expert electrical engineer assures protection and comfort through execution of latest NEC protection methods and recommendations. So why not choose an experienced expert over an duplicate novice?

Friday, 18 September 2015

7 Reasons To Hire Us As Your Smart Home Automation Company


Thanks to technology, it is now possible to have a smart home where appliances, home security and basic home functions such as opening the door, curtains and home lighting can be controlled either on a schedule or from a remote location. While smart home automation systems can greatly improve your home security, make performing most functions in your home much easier and generally make your home more efficient, the truth is that automation has to be done right in order to be effective. With the numerous automation solutions available in the market today, it is also easy to get carried away and end up with solutions that are totally useless. Home owners need to ensure that the automation solutions they buy for their homes are worth every cent spent if not more.

So how do you ensure that you get your home automation right? The easiest thing would to get in touch with a reputable home automation Company. An automation company will have a team of experts who are highly knowledgeable on the different solutions that would be ideal for your home and those that will meet most if not all your automation needs. Our automation company offers all the above and so much more and we promise the best solutions and services to all our customers. Below are 7 reasons to hire us as your smart home automation company.

1. We have the right expertise for the job
Out team is comprised of highly trained individuals who have dealt with different home automation system and know how to work around each system to ensure that it is efficient. This means that you can get guidance on the best smart solutions to choose for your home, have the solutions installed and seamlessly integrated with other systems in your home and get adequate support long after your home automation systems have been put in place. You can also be guaranteed that the solutions installed are running efficiently and your home is safeguarded against common automation mishaps that may be costly and expose you and your family to danger.

2. We offer a wide range of home automation solutions and services
While it comes to home automation solutions and services, you want a place where you can get all you needs taken care of under one roof. We offer a wide range of services and solutions and will allow you to choose what you desire for your home. Whether you are looking to have a smart kitchen or an efficient running home office, we have just the right products to fit your requirements. We also have the experts trained to install these systems and perform regular maintenance in your home meaning that we offer the whole package in smart home automation solutions.

3. We are modern and offer the latest technology where smart home automation is concerned
Technology changes fast and this is more clear in home automation where there is a constant demand for more efficient and secure systems. We are a modern company and we take our time to research on the latest technology and advancements where home automation solutions are concerned. We identify the best solutions for every modern home and we are dedicated to bringing the latest technology literally to your doorstep. You do not therefore have to worry about spending money on an outdated and less efficient solution for your home.

4. We offer quality services and solutions
Just like in all other aspects of life, quality when it comes to home automation solutions is very important. We only offer and recommend quality solutions that are not only effective but also offer great value for money. Our services are also top quality so that you do not have to worry about any breech in your home security or have to deal with automation problems every now and again. We value our customers and we are dedicated to offering nothing short of the best services in Singapore. Whether you just want to find more about automation solutions or you want to get any of these solutions installed in your home, you will be happy with the services and the products that we offer.

5. We know the right products for the Singapore market
We are a Singapore based company offering the right products for the Singapore market. We are aware of the various demands in home automation in Singapore and we offer exactly what the market requires. You can therefore be guaranteed that all the solutions we offer are in line with the rules and regulations set by different bodies in Singapore and they are specifically tailored to fit the requirements of any modern home in Singapore.

6. We are just a phone call away
If you are in need of any automation solutions or services, all that you have to do is to pick your phone and call us. Anything from home automation solutions inquiry to a call for help where necessary, we are always there for you. Get in touch with us for a quotation of the automation solution that you are interested in and you will get exactly that and all your questions on the same answered. We respond fast to any distress call and are swift in making repairs and ensuring that your smart home automation solution is running efficiently again. Give us a call and we will transform your home in to that smart and efficient haven that you have always wished for.

7. Our services are affordable
There is no denying that cost is very important when it comes to home automation solutions and services. Our services are by all standards pretty affordable and the solutions we offer are worth every cent invested. Our main goal is to transform lives and make your life better not just for a select few but to most people in Singapore. You therefore do not have to break the bank or go way over your budget to get the right automation solution for your home. We have a wide range of affordable solutions and we will ensure that you get this solution in your home and spend much less both in the short term and in the long run as well.